Our Partners in Gift Giving

We thank the following who will partner with Marymount to recognize the generous contribution of our donors in the renovation of the Marymount  Library & FabLab refurbishment!

France Vitrail

For more than 40 years, France Vitrail has put their expertise and our experience at the service of our customers in order to realize their dreams through the creation and restoration of stained glass windows in France and abroad.

Using the RSHM Goals and Criteria for inspiration, customize and restore one of the original stained glass windows to reflect your family’s time in collaboration with the artists at France Vitrail.

Lia Kiladis

Lia Kiladis studied architecture at Yale University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After having worked in New York, Athens, and Porto, she opened her own office in Paris in 1999. Lia’s work spans institutional and residential projects, new construction and renovation work, international and local clientele. Simplicity in form and detail, fluidity of space, and a judicious use of materials infuse her designs. Conceiving and constructing on a small scale in different places continues to fuel her understanding of architecture as a transcultural undertaking. Past projects include the American University of Paris and the American Library in Paris.

Soul Care at the Four Seasons, NYC

Marta Hobbs and the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC

Half day of personalized wellness and self-care at the Four Seasons Hotel
Choose your location – Four Seasons Downtown New York or Four Seasons George V Paris

Your journey begins with checking into the spa of your choice, sipping some wonderful tea and enjoying the facilities – showers, steam room, swimming pool and relaxation areas.

Enjoy a 60 minute personalized massage with some of the world’s best therapists followed by a 60 minute private SoulCare session with Marta Hobbs.
The package includes a signed copy of Marta’s best selling book “Unraveling” and time to enjoy the spa after your self-care experience.

Info on the spas: NYCParis
Info on SoulCare:

Luisa Simon and the Simon Family

Luisa Simon, our featured performer at the reunion and vocal performance major, is offering a lucky young person a personalized guidance session in forging a path in the performing arts. Luisa will offer personalized techniques and tips on striving for success as a young performer, making the most of a high school performance to set them up for future endeavors. A gift from one Marymount student to another!

OPS Partners Podcast Experience

Do you remember the Marymount School Play? Offer an exceptional experience to a budding thespian!

The Marymount School Play is an essential date of our school calendar and the dramatic arts are such an important part to a well-rounded education.

This year, our team is producing the “Fastest Iliad in the West” and this prize gives a Marymount student an unforgettable theater experience:

  • They can co-direct the 2023 school play “Fastest Iliad in the West” for two days in June and then emcee the sneak peek performance for students.
  • Their family can enjoy the fruits of their efforts with 4 front row seats at the performance of their choice.
  • Finally, the lucky student and a friend will then be invited to the OPS PARTNERS podcast studio in Neuilly-sur-Seine, under the guidance of Marymount Mom Samia Amara so that they can learn to write and produce their very own podcast all about their directing debut.

This is a great prize for any child who loves the stage and the arts.

Marymount Art Department

Choose among four original collaborative pieces of artwork created by the students of the 99th.
These works were created under the artistic direction of Michele Debuisne.

Grade 1: Keith Haring Style Figures

Canvas: 100 x 140 cm. Acrylic painting Portrait

Few people know that you can see a Keith Haring painting for free in Paris. In 1987, Keith Haring painted a huge piece at Hopital Necker in Paris. This hospital specializes in children’s illnesses. He painted it in the space of three days. This was our inspiration for the painting.

A couple of grade 1 students posed for the figures. They were traced on kraft paper and then transferred onto the canvas. A couple of grade six students helped with this part of the painting.

Next, several students painted the figures using primary colors, as well as green and orange. The background was completed using black acrylic paint. Students practiced doodles first before being given a section of the painting to add their black marks to the background. They enjoyed doodle-making so much that they often continued beyond their space!

Grade 4: Marc Chagall’s Paris

Canvas: 100 x 140 Landscape
Acrylic Painting, watercolor, and colored pencils

Marc Chagall loved Paris and came as a young man. He says the soil that had nourished the roots of my art was Vitebsk [his hometown in Russia], but my art needed Paris as much as a tree needs water. Chagall is an unclassifiable artist. His art is influenced by Paris, love, his hometown, his violin-playing uncle, and his farmer uncle who he named every sheep, goat, cow, and horse. He has a soft painting style with edges that blur and merge into one another. Is it a dream, reality, or a mix of both? It’s unique and we love it.

Students have studied this artist quite a bit. They chose to draw a building, an animal, a rooster, or a violin. Each student completed their little masterpiece by choosing either watercolor paints or colored pencils or a mix of both. The background was painted by a small group of students evoking a Paris sky.

Grade 3: The Wonderful World of Nikki de Saint Phalle

Canvas: 100 x 140. Acrylic Painting and Marker

Like Marymount Paris, Nikki de Saint Phalle is from Neuilly sur Seine. She was an untrained artist who came to age in the 1950s. Because she was exceptionally beautiful, she first became a fashion model. She left it all behind to become an artist. Her ‘nana’s’ are a satirical take on modern Western views of women. Her women are big, fat, and curvy depicted with exceptionally vivid colors. They wear bathing suits that emphasize their large breasts.

The students learned that Saint Phalle is known for her Nana’s and the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris, located between the Centre Pompidou and Forum les Halles. In 1983, she collaborated with Jean Tinguely to create a whimsical, moving sculpture fountain in honor of Igor Stravinsky. It was intended to evoke Stravinsky’s encounters with jazz.

The children enthusiastically examined photos of the fountain and created sun creatures, elephants, serpents, lips, and hearts. To help create these detailed individual artworks, students used alcohol-based markers. These markers are permanent. They spread smoothly, have intense colors, and dry quickly. Some pieces were partially painted with acrylic paints.

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