Library & FabLab

October 2023

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of expanding hearts and minds at Marymount Paris, we are renovating our beloved Library and FabLab.

Join us as we write the next chapter of pedagogical innovation in international Catholic education.

Many stories, one gate

Thousands of stories are housed in the Marymount Paris Library, reflecting the diversity of the hearts and minds of our global community.

Stories bring the four corners of the world to life, helping young people make sense of the world around them. Through stories, young learners develop a discerning eye and cultivate a unique voice to ultimately contribute to the global conversation.

Where inspiration is sparked

Marymount Paris was the first international school in France to inaugurate a Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) and embark on the design technology adventure.  

Emerging and new technologies provide avenues for students to organize their knowledge and design solutions to real world issues.  Computational & design thinking help young people translate their dreams into reality in increasingly complex environments, which in turn feeds their natural curiosity.

A Learning Lab for Life

In October 2023, we will take our pioneering commitment to the next step with a fully renovated Library and FabLab.

Our vision of a purposefully designed,  project-based learning design and production suite will foster the individualized learning approaches that have become the hallmark of a Marymount Paris education.

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